Router Login


Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Router Login:

Netgear Router login:

1. The first step to connecting your Netgear router to the internet is to make sure all the wires are hooked up in the right places. When all the physical connections are set up, connect to the wireless router through an ethernet cable first.
2. When your computer registeres that it is connected to the router, you will need to visit one of three sites in order to login to your router. Visit either or These are all server sites built into your router.
3. Once in one of these sites, you should see a window that will ask you to login. Like any login, there are two fields to enter text into before you can connect. For now, start by typing "admin" with no capital letters into the username catagory.
4. Next, you need to enter "password" for the password. This should hopefully be easy enough for anyone to do. Once again, make sure everything is in lowercase letters. 
5. Now, after clicking the "ok" button you will see another window appear. In here, you will see the title "setup wizard." Select yes from the two options shown in this window.
6. Click the next button at the bottom of the window, and follow the instructions that will come up. We don't have specific instructions for this, since different types of internet connections are taken care of differently. Whatever way, by the time you click "done" at the end of the setup steps, you will be connected to the internet. Congratulations! 

Cisco Linksys Router Login:

1, The steps to logging into a Linksys router are just about the same as a Netgear router. First, connect the router's ethernet cable to your computer, and then visit the router's IP address site, which should almost always be Just type this into your internet browser's address bar and press enter.
2. Now you be prompted on this page to enter in the username and password for the router. Just leave the username blank and move on to the next step.
3. Here you are going to need to type "admin" in to the password text box. Click on the "ok" button to continue. 
4. There should be a setup wizard that will show up next. Just follow the instructions and you should be able to access the internet when it is done.

D-link Router Login:

1. To connect to a D-link router, you could almost follow either of the other two instructions above, because it is a similar setup system. Just start by connecting all the necessary wires to your router, and then the ethernet to your computer.
2. When your computer shows that it is connected to the router through the ethernet cable, type into your web browser's address bar. Press enter to go there.
3. When you see a prompt to enter in a username and password, enter "admin" in for the username, and leave the password blank. Press the "log in" button to move on.
4. Press the button to start up the setup wizard. From here you will have to enter in some information and click "next" a number of times before you are done. Welcome to the internet.